Adopt a Reindeer

What could be better than giving a loved one a reindeer as a gift? Obviously, we don’t mean buying one to put in your front garden but a number of our herd are available to adopt on a yearly basis. For just £38, you, or a loved one, can become an adoptive owner of one of our stunning reindeer.

blithbury reindeer lodge


An adoption certificate signed by the Reindeer Man


A welcome letter from the Reindeer Man

Keeping in touch

Updates throughout the year about your reindeer

Say Cheeeeeese!

A photograph of your adopted Reindeer

Always with you

An antler key-ring to take with you everywhere

cuddly reindeer

Cuddly Reindeer

A cuddly Reindeer toy (only on the first year of adoption, and for collection when you visit your adopted reindeer)

Come visit

One invitation to an adopter’s event to come and see your reindeer in person!